Spreadsheet Industrialization

Are you running critical financial models in Excel?

Hours wasted every week in error prone manual spreadsheet operations?

Multiple versions of critical spreadsheets proliferating in email and networked drives?

Automate pricing, analysis and modelling spreadsheets in the cloud with SpreadServe.

Audit trails. Automated testing. Access control. Automated input & output.

Monitoring. Logging. Job control. Scalability. Resilience. Security.


SpreadServe industrializes your calculation heavy spreadsheets by taking them off the desktop and into the cloud for automated operation; shared, secure, logged and audited. Close Excel compatibility enables SpreadServe to run your spreadsheet on a cloud server without modification. Your pricing, quoting, risk management, analysis, modelling or reporting spreadsheets are transformed into web delivered enterprise services in minutes. Database and message bus integrations enable automation of inputs, calculations and sharing and persistence of results.

Take a look at our live automated spreadsheets...

At the bottom of this page you can download the spreadsheets running on our AWS cloud host. With the QuantLib 1.4 Excel addin for calcs and SpreadServe's own SSAddin for automated Quandl downloads the exact same sheets will run in Excel on your desktop.


  • Save time: eliminate hours of manual data entry in Excel. No more constantly hitting F9!
  • Stop errors: no more error prone manual data entry. Automate and validate all inputs and outputs. Build automated testing in SpreadServe.
  • Audit trail: who produced that quote? When did that reset happen? Log and record all spreadsheet events.
  • Save money: don't replace your spreadsheets with expensive bespoke or vendor software, automate them with SpreadServe.
  • Retain agility: spreadsheets are far more flexible than bespoke or vendor software. Retain the agility and drop the manual operation costs with SpreadServe.
  • Scale up: SpreadServe automation frees your business from the manual operation bottleneck. More quotes, more prices, more analyses, more simulations, more reports are all easy with SpreadServe.


Use the install kit to deploy SpreadServe on an in house Windows server or desktop. Or launch an AWS AMI with SpreadServe all installed and ready to go. Both these deployment options are provided with public license keys that direct the SpreadServeEngine to publish sheet details back to the Live page. If you want your SpreadServeEngines to operate silently, without phoning home, please email ssbeta@spreadserve.com for an offline license key.


  • Excel compatibility: .xls & .xlsx, XLL addins, RTD & VBA.
  • Automation: RDBMS connector, REST API, Python & C++ APIs for building integrations. Spreadsheet data flows automatically in and out of databases, message buses and web sites.
  • Scalable: scale out horizontally on Windows Server with multiple spreadsheet engines.
  • Resilient: server class job control, monitoring, file logging and DB logging for robust operations.
  • Secure: there's one deployment of your critical spreadsheet, and access is authenticated.
  • Testable: script unit tests for your spreadsheets in Python for automated regression testing.
  • Auditable: log all your critical spreadsheet operations in a database.


  • email: ssbeta@spreadserve.com